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The Ryan Gorman Show

The Ryan Gorman Show airs on NewsRadio WFLA and via the iHeartRadio app, weekdays from 5-9a. The show features the day's biggest local, state, and national topics, along with top trending stories and interviews with reporters, analysts, and newsmakers — the news of the day, covered in an entertaining way.

Click Here to check out the show's page.

iHeartRadio Communities

Ryan hosts iHeartRadio Communities each week, a nationwide special featuring discussions on important national topics impacting communities across the country. 


Click Here to listen to the podcast of the program. 

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Ryan Gorman on Full Circle Florida

Click Here to read a recent profile of The Ryan Gorman Show in the Tampa Bay Times. 

Barrett Sports Media did an in-depth profile of Ryan's radio career. Check it out here

Following Ryan's extensive coverage of Hurricane Irma for NewsRadio WFLA, Inside Radio wrote a piece on what it's like to be a first informer. Find that here


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